Same-Sex Marriage Postal Survey Plebiscite

By September 20, 2017Media Statement, News Articles

SEXPO – Health, Sexuality & Lifestyle Expo, for over 20 years has been at the forefront of celebrating all aspects of health, sexuality and lifestyle.

SEXPO’s broad spectrum of interests is not limited to conventional or traditional norms; instead SEXPO aims to foster an all-inclusive, tolerant and welcoming space for all adults to explore, learn, be entertained and educated in all manners of health, sexuality and lifestyle.

In keeping with SEXPO’s statement of values which includes, among others, respect for individual liberty, consent and providing a judgement free space, it is the corporate position of SEXPO Australia to support the case for voting “yes” in the same-sex marriage postal vote.

In its 21 year history, SEXPO has fostered strong links with the LGBTQI+ community. At any given SEXPO, patrons will find products, services and interests that are purposefully included to welcome the LGBTQI+ community in addition to the wide-range of attractions, special guests and exhibitors that are regularly included.

With the current debate surrounding the issue, along with its 200,000+ audience, SEXPO finds it a social responsibility to publicly endorse a yes position, in response to the same-sex marriage postal vote.

SEXPO will continue to operate under the guiding values of inclusiveness, tolerance, and respect and encourages its patrons and supporters to exercise these same values.

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