Meet The Talent

Presents Slippage


Veronica started her career through pole dancing back in 2009. Falling in love with the apparatus, pole dancing opened up her world to aerial performing and contortion. Veronica is trained in aerial hoop, silks, hammock, trapeze, sway pole and contortion. Her love of performing is now taking her across the globe; including summer festivals and sexy circus shows in Turkey, Singapore, China and Japan. Veronica is well known for her unique and entertaining styles, favouring a sensuality and fluidity. Veronica joins SEXPO on the main stage for 5 shows… be sure not to miss out on this stunning aerialist.

Present Le Champagne Circus


Champagne Showgirls is Australia’s hottest new touring dance revue. After wrapping up a recent Western Australia tour, these showgirls are about to embark on a nation-wide schedule that will see them stopping in at SEXPO Perth 2017 for three days.

Champagne Showgirls will mesmerise the SEXPO audience with a combination of circus, burlesque, and cabaret themed dance. These professionally trained dancers will titillate your senses with flavours of old and new in this full colour spectacle. Champagne Showgirls is one stage show not to be missed. Click here to book your Platinum Pass and meet these ladies back stage.






Avalon & Jenna


“Avalon is an Italian/Australian rigger known for his sensual and attentive bondage. He has been involved in BDSM for over 20 years and has been fascinated by the intrinsic beauty of Japanese Rope Bondage since seeing a Japanese bondage show in Paris in the 1980s.

In his pursuit to improve his skills and knowledge in Japanese Rope Bondage, he often travels to Japan where he has been a student of Osada Steve and Yukimura Haruki; he has received tutelage from other renowned Nawashi such as Hajime Kinoko, Nawashi Kanna, Satomi Zpira, Kazami Ranki, Bingo and the gorgeous Hourai Kasumi.

Seduced by the sensual skill and artistic expression of Newaza Shibari (Yukimura style floorwork) Avalon has developed his own distinctive style, his floor-work is fluid and sensory, relying on triggers and sensitivities of his model to lull them into a forbidden world. His style keeps faith to traditional Japanese bondage where mind, edge and predicament play are key factors of the tying process.

Avalon is active within the Australian and Italian Japanese Rope Bondage Community, he is a one of the instructors at Sydney Rope Dojo, Peer Rope and often performs and conducts Japanese rope workshops throughout Australia and overseas.

When one witnesses Avalon tying with his stunning muse and partner Jenna, their connection is palpable and breathtaking; their performances are absolutely world class and will blow you away.”

Miss Nude Universe 2015
Presents Mad Max


Isabelle Deltore always aspired to be that girl on the cover of men’s magazines. A self-proclaimed “nerd,” Deltore began her career in the adult industry as a showgirl in Melbourne, Australia, and within a short period of time has become one of Australia’s most distinctive and sought-after showgirls and glamour models.

She has graced the covers and centerfolds of multiple publications, including Australian Penthouse, Penthouse Black Label, Picture Premium, The Picture, People Magazine, Zoo Weekly and US-based Xcitement.

Known for her uniquely sensual shows that incorporate fantastic costumes and props, Deltore has been awarded numerous titles during her career, including:

World Ultimate Entertainer 2016
Miss Nude World Master Dancer 2016
Miss Nude Universe, runner-up 2016
Miss Nude World 2015
Miss Nude World, World Performer 2015
Miss Nude Universe Entertainer of the Year 2015

Deltore has recently launched her long anticipated erotic adult content website, where fans can access beautiful and sensual scenes of this award winning star. Check it out here



Presents Back to the Grind


Fresh off the shores of New Caledonia with their second international tour, MenXclusive is captivating audiences with their innovative style and a show that is definitely one of a kind!

Much more than just a strip show, this is the very best in male burlesque, with rock-hard abs, the freshest dance moves and just a hint of cabaret. Choreographed by Sidney Saayman – winner of the Australian Adult Industry Awards Best Male Stripper title – MenXclusive will be appearing on both the SEXPO Melbourne main stage and hosting the All Male Revue lounge. See them work their magic on stage and then visit them in the MenXclusive All Male Revue for a private show!


Mistress Tokyo


Mistress Tokyo is a Dominatrix from Sydney Australia with over 17yrs BDSM experience. She is a white, qweer, cis-gendered female with pronouns “she” and “her”. She is a sex worker, kink educator and performer. She is also curator of Australia’s newest GLBTIQA community space, “Peak Space Sydney”. Tokyo has conducted workshops for the last 8yrs in Australia and USA.

She’s held events such as Rope Flow and Queerbari, to fundraise for Twenty 10 and ACON. She was awarded “Sydney Ms Leather 2012” and competed at IMsL 2013, in San Francisco. She’s been Producer of the “Australian Power Exchange” title, in conjunction with “Beyond Leather”, FL USA, as well as Producer of the “Morpheous Bondage Extravaganza Australia”, in conjunction with MBE Worldwide Toronto, Canada. She has appeared in Skin Two, Heavy Rubber, Von Gutenburg and on the cover of Massad magazines thru Europe.

Most recently, she’s featured in Australian Penthouse magazines as model and BDSM advisor.

She’s spoken on Tripe J’s “The Hook Up” as a BDSM advisor. She has also been featured in the ABC’s “You Can’t Ask That…” and “Growing Up Gracefully” programs. She writes for Tony Mitchell’s “The Fetishistas” blog in the UK. In her spare time she sleeps, makes latex clothing and trains in Takemusu Aikido.



GlenFusion made his first debut with MenXclusive as in 2016, From Melbourne to interstate he is now one of the lead performers and quickly became very popular, Performed interstate and soon Internationally. Together with MenXclusive he recently rubbed shoulders on some great TV drama’s doing what he does best entertain. GlenFusion is a little bit wet, a little more raunchy, a hell of a lot sexy and a crazy amount WILD.


Presents Strip Tease Trapeze


Satine Spark works in the UK as an adult performer alongside her aerial training.
Over the last 7 years she has perfected her art, working alongside the big name UK porn performers and companies. The thing that makes her stands out is her genuine enthusiasm for being on camera and the sex she gets to experience. She cant wait to share some of her tips during her Sex Tip Seminar!

Despite her rise in popularity over recent years (Satine won Paul Raymond’s Razzle Girl of the year 2016 and has been nominated for several awards for 2017), she is still a genuine likeable, girl next door. Satine is not afraid to embrace her inner geek, rocking up at comic cons and making time for her fans.

Her other passion are the aerial arts. Satine teaches static trapeze at a local circus school, where she continues to train in static trapeze, pole dancing and aerial hoop. Combining her love of vintage and physical performance, Satine is really excited to be giving a live stage show performance at Sexpo, where she will combine strip tease and acrobatics in her strip tease trapeze performance!

When she’s not performing, make sure to find her at her booth at Sexpo!


Present the Fairylesque Aerial Show/


Champagne is a international showgirl and glamour model, gracing the pages and covers of men’s magazines all around Australia and New Zealand. She began her career at one of Australia’s top showgirl clubs, the Crazy Horse Review in Adelaide. Champagne appeared in and won the Playboy TV reality show Tour Girls in 2009, as well as Miss Nude World 3rd place (2016) and has had multiple appearances in Penthouse and Picture magazines.


Kimba and Champagne met on the set of Playboy TV reality show Tour Girls in 2009. Kimba has been a pin-up and cover girl for People, Picture and Penthouse magazines, as well as a Woodstock calendar girl, Exotic Angels “Miss Dreambody” and Miss Nude Australia’s “Most Erotic”.

Miss Nude Universe 2017


Performer of the Year 2017

Delilah Daniels is a seasoned performer, originally hailing from New Zealand but residing in Perth WA for the past 6 years.
She quickly became known for her unique shows and passion for performing !

Having won Best XXX Show In WA from 2011-2015 in the local STAR Awards recognising performers talents, Delilah then moved onto American soil, last year winning Miss Exotic International 2016 which then led her to compete at Miss Nude World and Miss Exotic Nude Universe ,earning the titles Miss Erotic World 2017 and the prestigious Miss Exotic Nude Universe Performer Of the Year 2017.

Delilah also models, appearing on the cover of People Magazine regularly  and previously could be seen in the American Television Series Spartacus as well as Perth and Melbourne Sexpo this year alongside her duo partner Danni West.



Returning back for his second instalment here in Melbourne all the way from the U.S, Ceaduction is a veteran with performing amongst ladies nights a lead performer in MenXclusive, Ceadustion is a buzz of energy that sweeps the room as he enters the stage. This is the kind of excitement can only be experienced throught watching him live on stage with MenXclusive


International Adult Star

As an industry veteran, Brandy Aniston is no stranger to the adult world. Her Armenian and Thai background gives her one of the most exotic looks to ever grace the adult screen. This tattooed vixen is known for her insane performing skills as well as her acting ability.

A triple threat, Brandy can also act, professionally dance and rock any adult scene. She has performed in over 200 films and graced the covers of many top adult magazines including the Penthouse “Danni Girl of the Month” (January 2013) and “Penthouse Danni Girl of the Year” (2014).

Special Guest

A lifelong member of the kink scene and adult industries, Lady Severine visited her first fetish club accidentally as a teenager. A few years of travelling gave Sev the opportunities to meet kinkster in San Francisco, Brighton, London and Amsterdam, where she made friends, found mentors and found her home.

Lady Severine has worked as a kink educator, fetish club manager, burlesque and cabaret event producer and performer, professional Dominatrix, dungeon monitor, sex toy reviewer, adult retailer, latex and fetish model, sexual health educator and these days can be found at the Hellfire Club of Queensland or hosting workshops with Kinkk Clininc.


Sexpo Event Director

Bentleigh joined SEXPO in 2015 as Event Director, after spending 12 years in the project and event management fields. Having previously traveled Australia-wide, delivering experiential activations and micro-events on behalf of leading Australian and international brands, taking the reins of SEXPO was a natural and exciting transition.

Having completed a Masters in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management in 2016, Bentleigh’s vision is to take SEXPO to the next level of consumer event interaction, entertainment and enjoyment.

Join Bentleigh in the S.H.A.R.E. Seminar Theatre to hear about the past, present and future of SEXPO and for a light-hearted open Q&A session.


Special Guest

Renon is a 22 year old vagabond, activist and sex worker. They work for Respect Inc, a Brisbane based organisation that is run and led by Queensland Sex Workers. Renon has diverse experience in the sex industry including street based sex work, escorting, porn, cam work and erotic massage. They have a strong interest in social equity, human rights and ending discrimination against marginalised communities. They are a full time queer, part time Social Justice Mage and all round slut.


“Fifty Shades of Hey”

Exploring some of the real time themes and dilemmas for people of an increasingly digital age in a world of human kink connection. 

Max Mack is a leather man (former Mr Queensland leather 2014) who is also a social worker and mental health clinician who like many of us crosses many intersections of the world. 


Pauline Ryeland
Intimacy Whisperer

Pauline is a certified Somatic Sexological Body Worker, certified Tantra Teacher & Facilitator and a certified Master Trainer & Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Advanced Subconscious Reprogramming, Errikson Hypnotherapy, a Results Coach & Performance Consultant.

Pauline works with individuals and couples around any challenges they may be experiencing with intimacy, sex, relationships and everything in between.