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RAW: Female Sexual Pleasure


Sex educator, activist, adult star and public speaker, Missina has devoted her expansive 15 year career to all things sex and relationships. Missina believes in the importance of positive sexuality, body image and personal empowerment. She is an avid activist for sex worker rights and performer empowerment, especially the performer’s right to choose condom use in adult film. Since taking a public stand in March 2014, Missina only shoots adult content which displays condom use.


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Based on Frankie’s experiences of sex the good, bad and ugly her novel Sharks & Lovers has now sold worldwide. Frankie has overcome many self limiting beliefs and has discovered her own sexual empowerment. Writing her third book and running workshops she shares honestly her passion.  Come and hear her sensationally sexy liberational journey

Making Love With the Lights On


Belinda Love is our very own love and empowerment coach and founder of B.Loved; teaching ways to feel loved every day despite your relationship status. When she isn’t at SEXPO, Belinda is running courses and seminars on love and trust for both singles and couples, coaching people one on one and appearing on Brisbane radio & TV discussing important topics surrounding love.

Based in Brisbane, Belinda won our SEXPO Idol competition in 2015 and now travels all over Australia hosting SEXPO. Belinda’s cheekiness, happiness, humour and zest for life are a perfect reflection of SEXPO’s progressive values, and she would be thrilled to say hi to you, so grab a Platinum Pass and meet both Belinda and all the wonderful SEXPO talent back stage!

“Sex is a very important part of love and being a part of SEXPO is truly amazing. I am grateful and excited to be representing what SEXPO is all about – sexuality, health and lifestyle. I can’t wait to see you there!”


Intro to Swinging 101; The Science of Flirting


Sex Ed in The City
In 2016 Sydney based Sex Coach MisJif teamed up with Mr & Mrs Atom from the Australian Swinger’s podcast; By the Bi to create the dynamic threesome – Sex Ed in the City. Combining their skills as Sex Educators, Sex Ed in the City run fun, entertaining and highly educational courses on a wide variety of sexy and sensual topics, all designed to fuel a great conversation between couples, ultimately spicing up time spent in (and out) of the bedroom. They firmly believe the best recipe for wellbeing, involves creating dynamic and intimate relationships.

Disability and Sex

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Bramham certainly made a splash when he broke the 100m butterfly world record at the 2004 Athens Paralympics, not to mention cheekily convincing an American journalist that his leg had been mauled off by a kangaroo. This sense of humour and drive carried over to the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing, where he again took gold. In 2009, Bramham was awarded the medal of the Order of Australia for his role in the 2008 Paralympics, and in 2014 he not only competed in Big Brother Australia, but penned his autobiography; Three-Quarter Man: Pranks, Passion and Paralympics.

Bramham has had regular radio spots on SEN, ABC, SYN FM, Vision Australia and JOY FM, talking both able-bodied and disabled sport. His irreverent sense of humour and positive attitude are in perfect alignment with a refreshed and progressive SEXPO for the future.

Welcome to the Pleasure Zone


Online Adult Retailing / Sex Toy and Porn Consumption in Australia

Dr Paul Maginn is an academic geographer/planner based at the University of Western Australia in Perth. He is the co-editor of the award winning book (Sub)Urban Sexscapes which won the 2016 Planning Institute of Australia Award for Excellence in Cutting Edge Research. A key area of Paul’s research is the geographies and regulation of the sex industry. He has written academic and media articles on adult retailing and sex toys, sex work in Australia and Ireland, BDSM and pornography. He is currently working on a new edited book titled Negotiating Contemporary Sex Work: Gender, Justice and Policy and has just commenced research on the consumption trends and patterns in online pornography in Australia.

Achieving Fabulous Orgasms for Women


Dr Janet Hall is one of Australia’s leading experts in understanding the psychology of sexual behaviour. Her gift is to make psychological information user-friendly, easily understood, and easy to apply.

She is the author of eight books on family and relationship issues including “Sex-Wise Teens” and “Sex-life Solutions”. Dr Jan has created and produced the “Sensational Sex” audio and ebook series – nineteen topics on sexual issues ranging from sex therapy with hypnosis, to sexual fantasies and strategies for “sparking up” your sex-life.

Dr Jan believes that a healthy sex life is the right of everyone, and can help you with any sexual issue; from young couples and individuals learning about sex, intimacy, and relationships, through to helping older individuals and established couples to enjoy the sensational sex they deserve.

Dr Jan is a well-known and respected public speaker and a favourite with national media for comment on a diverse range of issues. Dr Jan was the regular sex therapist on Channel 10 for the Sex-Life television program. She is also a highly successful practicing clinical psychologist and hypnotherapist, author, corporate consultant and executive coach.

Dr Jan is a recommended media consultant for the Australian Psychological Society and is regularly asked to comment on current issues for newsprint, television and radio. She has appeared on many major television programs including “Good Morning Australia”, “Sex-Life”, “The Glasshouse”, “Mornings” and “A Current Affair”.

Enlightening and entertaining, Dr Jan affirms, encourages, and empowers you to make changes that will have long term positive effects for the rest of your life.

Unlearning Jealousy


• What Jealousy is and why it hurts.
• Relearning communication and being assertive.
• Self determination and Identity
• Compersion, scarcity and blame.
• What can we do? If we are Jealous..or with someone who is Jealous?

Ben Morrisson is lead counsellor at World Tribe, a practice dedicated to the healthy development of sexual identity and relationships. Ben is an educator, coach and counsellor. he works in drug awareness education and coaching clients through the various challenges of making alternative lifestyle choices. Ben believes that much of the way we communicate, and treat each other are habits that are deeply ingrained into our social experience often to the detriment of our relationships and happiness.

He is currently working on his book “The Secret Business of Men” : A guide to developing a healthy men in modern society. He is dedicated to helping people meet the challenges of relationships and negotiate their way to healthy identities. Ben brings years of professional and personal experience navigating through polyamory and coaching clients to meet the challenges of living an “alternative to mainstream” lifestyle.

“Unlearning Jealousy” is a look at why we feel Jealous, how it hurts our relationships, and offers alternative paths for both monogamous and polyamorous individuals.

Confessions of a Cam-Girl

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Isabelle Deltore always aspired to be that girl on the cover of men’s magazines. From humble beginnings as a corrections officer, within a short period of time Deltore has become one of Australia’s most distinctive and sought-after showgirls and glamour models, and will shortly unveil her first foray into adult film.

Pornstar Q&A: Satine’s Sex Tips

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Have you ever wondered what a pornstar is like in bed?
UK Pornstar Satine and Tindra will be running a workshop sharing all their favourite tips & tricks in the bedroom!

From both Satine’s personal life and working career, she has learnt many techniques to help make sex a little more steamy and as everyone knows, practice makes perfect!
Have you a burning question you’ve always wanted to ask Satine and Tindra?
Satine and Tindra will also be available for a short Q&A at the end of the session where you can get a selfie with them.

The Power of Tantra


The Power of Tantra to unlock Your Orgasmic Potential: Tantra Ella

Soul Sister Ella Hall is a Manifesting Powerhouse and Tantric Goddess.
She specialises and teaches Orgasmic States, Quantum Manifestation, Sovereignty Alignment and the power of Governing Energetics to discover your inner ability to unlock Quantum Creation – on high – at every level – in every way.

She works with brave men and women who are not afraid to do the deep inner work necessary to step into ever greater levels of self-mastery, permission, pleasure and self-love.

Ella teaches her own ‘medicine’ and has created a rising of women across the globe through her offering of the Goddess InBody Movement. A safe place for all women to activate their full permission, pleasure and co-create in a powerful portal of women gathered, where intention meets flow and they manifest like MoFos.

With her real raw energy, she has appeared on The Morning Show, Triple J Radio, return Guest Speaker at Sexpo, a contributing author to Your Well-Being: Sunrise Edition and is a regular guest contributor for magazines, top blogs and podcasts in Australia & the USA.

International Adult Star

As an industry veteran, Brandy Aniston is no stranger to the adult world. Her Armenian and Thai background gives her one of the most exotic looks to ever grace the adult screen. This tattooed vixen is known for her insane performing skills as well as her acting ability.

A triple threat, Brandy can also act, professionally dance and rock any adult scene. She has performed in over 200 films and graced the covers of many top adult magazines including the Penthouse “Danni Girl of the Month” (January 2013) and “Penthouse Danni Girl of the Year” (2014).

Special Guest

A lifelong member of the kink scene and adult industries, Lady Severine visited her first fetish club accidentally as a teenager. A few years of travelling gave Sev the opportunities to meet kinkster in San Francisco, Brighton, London and Amsterdam, where she made friends, found mentors and found her home.

Lady Severine has worked as a kink educator, fetish club manager, burlesque and cabaret event producer and performer, professional Dominatrix, dungeon monitor, sex toy reviewer, adult retailer, latex and fetish model, sexual health educator and these days can be found at the Hellfire Club of Queensland or hosting workshops with Kinkk Clininc.


Sexpo Event Director

Bentleigh joined SEXPO in 2015 as Event Director, after spending 12 years in the project and event management fields. Having previously traveled Australia-wide, delivering experiential activations and micro-events on behalf of leading Australian and international brands, taking the reins of SEXPO was a natural and exciting transition.

Having completed a Masters in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management in 2016, Bentleigh’s vision is to take SEXPO to the next level of consumer event interaction, entertainment and enjoyment.

Join Bentleigh in the S.H.A.R.E. Seminar Theatre to hear about the past, present and future of SEXPO and for a light-hearted open Q&A session.


Special Guest

Renon is a 22 year old vagabond, activist and sex worker. They work for Respect Inc, a Brisbane based organisation that is run and led by Queensland Sex Workers. Renon has diverse experience in the sex industry including street based sex work, escorting, porn, cam work and erotic massage. They have a strong interest in social equity, human rights and ending discrimination against marginalised communities. They are a full time queer, part time Social Justice Mage and all round slut.


“Fifty Shades of Hey”

Exploring some of the real time themes and dilemmas for people of an increasingly digital age in a world of human kink connection. 

Max Mack is a leather man (former Mr Queensland leather 2014) who is also a social worker and mental health clinician who like many of us crosses many intersections of the world. 


Pauline Ryeland
Intimacy Whisperer

Pauline is a certified Somatic Sexological Body Worker, certified Tantra Teacher & Facilitator and a certified Master Trainer & Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Advanced Subconscious Reprogramming, Errikson Hypnotherapy, a Results Coach & Performance Consultant.

Pauline works with individuals and couples around any challenges they may be experiencing with intimacy, sex, relationships and everything in between.