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It’s well known that usually it’s the adult industry who is the first to embrace new technology when it comes to delivering adult content and services. No clearer example of this is in the space of virtual reality where users can now stream content directly to their headsets, to be enjoyed in any number of environments.

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Aussie Porn Star Lucie Bee announces a very special guest appearance at the California Club

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Att: News Editor / Chief of Staff
For immediate release September 7th, 2016
Aussie Porn Star Lucie Bee announces a very special guest appearance at the California Club
St Kilda’s only legal bordello
The California Club, in association with Porn Star Touring, presents Lucie Bee
in a most unusual
Lucie Bee is one of Australia’s best known and published Porn Stars

As Escorts touring the country becomes the norm, Lucie has made a career of performing for the media including the ABC’s Australians on Porn, Triple J’s Hack, The Project, Pedestrian TV, Impulse Gamer and the Kyle & Jackie O Show, as well as being a featured guest on several Australian and international radio shows, documentaries and podcasts, and is quoted regularly in Australian newspapers, magazines and online. Add to that various appearances in Picture & People magazines, including making their 2015 Top 12 Australian Porn Stars and Top 100 Celebrities respectively, presenting discussions at gaming conventions PAX 2015 and GX 2016, Bee is fast becoming known for her brand of geeky adult and cosplay debauchery.

Clients and fans will have the opportunity to WIN a legal one-hour booking with the Lucie Bee, at the California Club, on October 24th.


Clients will need to join the California Club rewards program at and then pop into 30 St Kilda Road, have an hour booking, with any of the lovely ladies on-shift, before Sunday October 16th and they’ll be automatically entered into the draw to win the hour with Lucie Bee on Monday October 24th.


For those who want to be sure of securing a booking, a limited number of one-hour spots will be available on the day/evening of Monday October 24th and can be pre-booked through the California Club. The rates charged by Lucie Bee for these bookings are greater than normally charged by the venue.

Prostitution is legal in Victoria and a license is required to provide any sexual service for payment. Brothels and escort agencies, as well as sole-operators all need a Sex Work Act (SWA) number to operate legally.  Sole-operators can work in pairs and are exempt, subject to approval, from a lot of the licensing requirements and fees payable by businesses. An exempt sole-operator will display an SWA number with an E after it – SWA123E.
Each establishment, agency, or exempt individual is assigned an SWA number which must be displayed in all advertising.  Often, those without the appropriate licence advertise themselves as providing massage services, while licensed operators are forbidden by law from using the word massage to describe their services.

What this means is that ‘touring’ escorts, from interstate or overseas, are required to have a Victorian SWA number.  If they do not have an SWA number they can only work legally in a licensed brothel or via a licensed escort agency.

Don’t miss your chance to dive down the rabbit hole & into the Bee Hive to meet Lucie Bee, as she makes a very special appearance at the renowned California Club. Lucie Bee is an incredibly unique and accomplished international porn star and escort.

With a reputation for geekery, gaming and a love of smut, you’ll be able to catch her at the California Club in some of her decadent lingerie or perhaps if you book in with advance notice a costume of your choosing. Lucie Bee truly has a costume collection that is second to none. As a special treat to commemorate her appearance at the California Club Lucie will be offering to dress up as whichever character best pleases you to fulfil your ultimate fantasy completely free of charge. On top of this – Lucie will also be offering free signed polaroids and free signed posters. These extras that can be found on Lucie’s website under rates will be offered completely free (Lucie is just as excited as you are!) For any other extras these can be found on Lucie’s website for a small extra cost. To put the cherry on top of this delicious honey Bee ice cream sundae Lucie will be celebrating her exclusive California Club appearance by taking $100 off her regular hourly rate.

With several decadent years in the Australian and international adult industries (and preparing for several more), Lucie Bee is a pocket rocket with a long resume – with Miss Bee, you really are in the hands of a sexual connoisseur. As one of the industry’s most outspoken entertainers and advocates, this home grown talent is consistently on the radar and delights in meeting with fans and better yet – having the opportunity to show them how truly grateful she is for their ongoing support. Lucie is a sexual dynamo with a petite frame and a crystal blue doe-eyed look that will leave every nerve in your body tingling for hours after your private rendezvous.
In demand throughout the adult industry, Lucie has shot with Australian adult producers such as Bright Desire and Oz Fellatio Queens, accompanying her already extensive resume of appearances locally and overseas.  She has shot with Aussie Ass, Fake Taxi, Pure XXX, Girls Out West, Pure CFNM, Yanks and – with more (including her own) content to come! One of her favourite scenes, ‘Tease’, shot for Bright Desire with Australian adult star Ryan James, received an honourable mention at the 12th annual Cinekink film festival.

2015 marked the launch of her Spider male masturbator sex toy, modelled directly off Bee herself, whilst 2016 saw her as the June/July Penthouse Black Label “Tech Issue” cover girl – you can grab your signed copy or your very own Spider from Lucie’s website. (yes, you can take Lucie home with you)!

Don’t miss out on meeting Miss Lucie Bee at the California Club on Monday October 24th – She’ll be eagerly awaiting the chance to spend some quality time with you behind closed doors.
A different internationally touring porn star will do just one appearance per month at the California Club

Twitter: @CaliClubStKilda @LucieBeexxx @PornStarTouring

Media Enquiries:
Kevin James
t: 03 9529 4727

What conditions are required for a Trade Promotion lottery?

From 20 June 2015 businesses, charities and community organisations do not need to apply to the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) for a permit to conduct a trade promotion lottery. Trade promotion lotteries must continue to meet certain conditions or penalties apply.
A trade promotion lottery is a lottery designed to promote a trade or business. This includes any scheme that gives away prizes by any means, which include an element of chance at any stage of the scheme. Even if a part of the scheme is skills-based, the scheme will still have to be conducted in accordance with the regulations if any part of the scheme process includes an element of chance.
Trade promotion lotteries are free lotteries that may require a person to purchase a product or undertake certain actions to be eligible to participate. An entry fee must not be charged, and any ancillary cost (that is, cost of telephone call, SMS or postage) must not exceed $1(including GST).
The conditions of a trade promotion lottery are set out in the Gambling Regulation Act 2003 and Gambling Regulations 2015.
As at 20 June 2015, the conditions for the conduct of trade promotion lotteries are as follows:

  • The expense per entry must not exceed the gazetted amount (currently 70 cents)
  • Written consent must be obtained from the person whose trade or business is to be promoted by the lottery
  • The lottery must be conducted so as to benefit primarily the trade or business being promoted
  • Information used to promote the lottery and any scratch and win cards must include:
  • the closing date of the lottery
  • if applicable, where and when the lottery will be drawn
  • the name and date of the publication in which winners’ names will be published
  • the entry requirements, if any.
  • The names of winners of all prizes over $1000 must be published by one of the following methods:
    • in a newspaper circulating generally in Victoria
    • on the internet, for a minimum period of 28 days
    • if the lottery was advertised solely through a trade journal, promotional magazine or similar publication, in that publication.
  • The winners of prizes must be advised in writing of the prize
  • Certain records must be kept for a period of three years after finalisation of the lottery
  • If the trade promotion lottery is to be drawn, the method of the draw must allow each ticket in the draw a random and equal chance of being drawn
  • The winner of a prize must not incur a cost to accept a prize (other than a trivial cost)
  • If information about entrants is to be used for a purpose other than the conduct of the lottery, this must be stated in the conditions of entry
  • A person who conducts a trade promotion must not use entrants’ information except in accordance with the purposes stated in the condition of entry
  • A person who conducts a trade promotion lottery must obtain written agreement from the business, that the business will not use the entrants’ information except in accordance with the purposes stated in the conditions of entry
  • An entrant is not required to be present at the drawing of the lottery in order to be eligible to win a prize (unless the entry and draw are to occur on the same day and in the same place)
  • The prize must be paid or transferred to the winner within 28 days after the draw
  • The winner of a prize may only be substituted via a second draw, and only if the conditions of entry allow it and if reasonable efforts were made to identify the winner that were unsuccessful
  • A trade promotion lottery must be conducted in a manner that is not offensive and that is not contrary to the public interest
  • A prize may only be substituted if the substituted prize is of the same or greater value than the original prize and the winner either agrees in writing, or the original prize is unavailable due to circumstances beyond the control of the person conducting the trade promotion lottery and reasonable attempts are made to reach agreement with the winner that are unsuccessful.

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