Exhibitor FAQ

Who attends SEXPO?

SEXPO’s main demographic is 18-35 year old couples, accounting for roughly 57% of attendees. They have a high disposable income and are broadly interested in current affairs, technology & popular culture.

Who exhibits at SEXPO?

SEXPO has a broad range of exhibitors, encompassing all facets of the health, sexuality and lifestyle industries. Adult products & services certainly comprise a large part of SEXPO, but past exhibitors have included beauty & cosmetic products, tattooing & piercing services, psychic readings, fitness, fashion & jewellery, travel, massage, hair care, novelties, medical/surgical services, dating, photography and much more.

How is SEXPO promoted?

SEXPO utilises multiple marketing strategies in the lead-up to their shows, dedicating a six-figure budget to such channels as television, radio, social media, public billboards, tram/bus adverts, daily deal websites, promotional models and university-based competitions.

Do I receive any complimentary tickets?

Yes. Every exhibitor receives two complimentary General Admission tickets. These will be distributed by the Sales Manager.

Is there a storage area on site?

Storage space on the show floor is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. It is advisable to only bring enough stock as is required for each day of the show.

What is the best way to display my posters/advertising material?

Stand walls are carpeted, so velcro tape or dots work well for fixing items to the walls.

When do I receive the exhibitor manual?

The SEXPO exhibitor manual will be sent to exhibitors approximately 6 weeks before the show opens.

Do I need to get an exhibitor pass for each staff member working on the stand?

Yes, all staff working on your stand will require an exhibitor pass. Further details on this process can be found in the exhibitor manual or by emailing administration@sexpo.com.au


Can any of my staff members be under 18?

No person under the age of 18 is allowed into the venue under ANY circumstances.

Can I purchase safety vests at the venue?

Yes, they can be purchased from the Organisers’ Office for $5 each.

When will I be able to move in?

7 AM on Thursday August 3.

Are there any special requirements that I need to be aware of for move in?

Yes – you and any staff members are required to wear a SAFETY VEST (high visibility garment) and CLOSED TOE SHOES during both move in and move out. This is an OH&S requirement and you will NOT gain access to the venue without these. Children under the age of 18 are strictly not permitted within the pavilions or in the loading docks during move-in and move-out times.

How do I access the loading docks?

Access to the loading dock is via Glenelg St.

Is there exhibitor car parking?

The flat rate for exhibitor parking is $15 per day / per vehicle. To receive this rate, please present your exhibitor badge upon exit or pre-purchase your ticket each day at the information desk in the main foyer.

Do my electrical goods need to be tagged & tested by a qualified electrician?

Yes. A qualified electrician is available on site during move-in, to test and tag all your electrical appliances.

Can I share my stand with another business?

This will need approval from SEXPO; the sharing of stands is not recommended unless there is a synergy between each business.

Can I move stock in and out on trolleys?

NO trolleys are to be taken onto the exhibition floor during show times.

What happens if I lose/misplace my exhibitor pass?

You can have a replacement printed at the Outix exhibitor registration desk.

Will my stock be safe?

SEXPO employs 24 hour security during the show, however we recommend you take out insurance for stock.

Who will be my contact person during the show?

For any assistance, please visit the Organiser’s Office, located in Office 6 (Hall 3).

Is there an exhibitor lounge?

The exhibitor lounge will be located in Hospitality Room 3 (Hall 3). A bar is available and light food will be served in this area.

Where do you recommend for accommodation?

You can find a comprehensive directory of Brisbane hotels at https://www.bcec.com.au/visit/brisbane-accommodation/.