Club Freak

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Club Freak is Perth’s wildest alternative lifestyle night for kinksters and fetishists, and by that we mean it’s a pansexual, kink-friendly, freak friendly social club. Perth’s top alternative DJ’s, Special Guests and Hosts, monitored play equipment, massive sponsor freebies and VIP section to make you feel like a King or Queen – complete with a special SECRET TREATMENT!

Come and see us at Sexpo as we bring the best of Club Freak to the kinkiest space in the exhibition.  Spin the Wheel of Doom and let fate decide your punishment – a flogging from our Mistress, or tied and tickled to ecstasy, there’s plenty to experience for the adventurous.

Ever wanted to know what a St Andrews Cross was for?  What a flogging is and how it feels? What electricity is REALLY for … and why so many people love it?  Just how kinky is your bedroom and why shopping in the hardware store will never be the same again!

All Sexpo long we will be holding BDSM101 classes and workshops, professional demonstrations and ‘try it, you’ll like it’ opportunities.  We have gathered the best Dominants, Dominatrixes, submissives and bottoms in Perth to bring you the kinkiest time of your life – even if it’s your first time.

Check the notice board in our booth for session times and make sure you don’t miss your chance to try something from the dark side.




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