Behind the Scenes of the Sexy Cosplay Competition with Lucie Bee

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After two highly acclaimed competitions in Sydney and Melbourne, SEXPO will be bringing its Sexy Cosplay Competition to Perth from May 5-7. We caught up with geek goddess and host of the Sexy Cosplay Competition, Lucie Bee, to hear her thoughts on the unprecedented success of the competition.

Lucie_Bee_1Happy New Year, Lucie! 2016 saw some new additions to the SEXPO line-up, including the Sexy Cosplay Competition. What has it been like, being involved in Australia’s first dedicated sexy cosplay competition?

It’s been amazing! Sexpo has been building on the diversity of its line-up of performers, activities and exhibitors for a while now and this is just such a cool extension of that. Geek culture is front and centre these days, so it’s cool to see people being able to enjoy their interests and get a little sexy to boot!

Cosplay_5There was initially some concern within the cosplaying community that “sexy cosplay” within an adult environment such as SEXPO could open the doors to the sexual harassment of cosplayers, and possibly reflect poorly on the cosplaying community as a whole. What is your take on this?
I think people who haven’t had the chance to have the full Sexpo experience would have concerns – but I’m very happy to say we’ve been able to prove them wrong. Sexpo has always had this culture of visitors being able to shed their inhibitions a little, dress up or down and enjoy new experiences. I think that ties in with cosplay, and what many people get out of it, really well.

Based on how seriously Sexpo takes the satisfaction *laughs* of its visitors, making sure people attending feel safe, secure & comfortable in this new environment has always been really important. Security is always top notch and any incident of harassment taken seriously – in my experience as both a performer and attendee, I’ve seen this first hand. Sexpo is definitely somewhere where the notion ‘cosplay is not consent’ is enforced.

There’s a limit on how much skin you can show at a normal convention – quite understandably. Many have a family friendly focus. There hasn’t necessarily been a time or place for the ‘Sexy Cosplayer’ to really let go – until now! I don’t think this reflects poorly on cosplay, I think it just provides another space for the community to enjoy!

Cosplay_1Unveiling at SEXPO Sydney 2016 and continuing on at SEXPO Melbourne 2016, how do you think the Sexy Cosplay Competition has evolved over the last two shows?

We definitely made changes between Sydney and Melbourne. The competition is still in its infancy, but with each we find something else we can improve on. In Melbourne we had a better established judging panel & system, which I think helped show people that this is not only a fun event, but also one that can be taken seriously.

Going forward I’d like to see even more diversity in our entrants. Everyone is welcome in this competition and no-one should walk away not feeling like a bit of a star.

Cosplay_3Apart from the large prize pool ($1,000 cash to the winner, $500 to each finalist), what do you believe cosplayers get out of entering the Sexy Cosplay Competition?

I think a lot of people shy away from the competition side of cosplay because they don’t always feel like they belong. That can be down to any number of factors. I feel like we’ve really strived to create a welcoming atmosphere with the competition at Sexpo – ANYONE can enter and have that experience.

We’re after more than just how good you are at creating something, we also want to see who you are. It’s the kind of competition where everyone has a chance and that’s honestly what I love most about it.


You were a very busy Bee at both SEXPO Sydney and Melbourne shows, not only hosting the Sexy Cosplay Competition and performing sexy cosplay-themed shows on the Main Stage, but running your dedicated space (the aptly named “Bee Hive”) where patrons could chill out and game, AND presenting seminars in the S.H.A.R.E. Theatre! What have you got planned for SEXPO Perth in May?

What HAVEN’T I got planned might be a better question *winks*

We’re planning a Bee Hive with even MORE games and more opportunities to geek out. We’re going to make more opportunities for Sexpo attendees to learn about and maybe try a little cosplay for themselves! I’m busily working on new shows, a TON of new cosplays and some new seminars that I think will definitely hit the spot for anyone looking to get their sexy geek on.

I’m also hoping to talk more about our amazing Australian porn & adult industry. Sexpo has been celebrating our home grown talent more and more every year and I’ll have plenty of wonderful Australian performers, including some sexy cam-girls dropping by the Bee Hive to play some games & meet some fans!


Finally, what are some tips or advice you can give cosplayers who are considering entering the Sexy Cosplay Competition?

First and most importantly: there’s no one definition of sexy. Each competition we’ve had spectacular cosplays that have run the gamut from the very skimpy, to the very armoured up. We want to hear YOUR definition of sexy.

There is a place for everyone at Sexpo – no matter what gender, body type, fandom you’re a part of, we’d love to see you take part. If you’re nervous, drop by the Bee Hive and play a game or two, we’ll look after you!

If you’re working on something new – tell us about it! Social media like Twitter & Instagram is a great way to get involved prior to the event and I’m always a tweet away! I know Sexpo HQ would love to see what you’re working on! Just use the hashtags #sexpo or #sexpocosplay and we’ll see it.

If you don’t think you’ll be finished by the cut off for entries – please attach progress shots to your entry! We had a few entrants almost miss out in Melbourne because they were concerned they wouldn’t finish in time – don’t let this stop you. We get it – those few weeks between submitting your entry and the competition are prime crafting time!

SEXPO will be held at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre at 21 Mounts Bay Road from May 5-7, 2017 – tickets available here. Entries for the Sexy Cosplay Competition should be directed here.

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