Pricasso: Performance Artist


Party tricks can end in embarrassment, broken relationships and, quite often, trips to the hospital. When a penis is involved, it can involve all three of these pitfalls. But for one man, the party trick to end all party tricks has launched an amazing career that sees him travelling the world and painting up a storm.

Pricasso first unveiled his unique talent to the world at SEXPO in 2005. Using only his old fella, buttocks and some (non-toxic) paint, Pricasso whips up incredible likenesses in just 20 minutes! He has since gone on to exhibit all over the world, painting celebrities and selling made-to-order pieces via his website.

Many established artists have commented on the speed, accuracy and unique way in which Pricasso paints. Find him located next to the Main Stage, and have your image immortalised by the original and best Penile Artist in the world!