Comedy Hypnotism

presented by Anthony Laffan

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Anthony Laffan is one of the most sought-after Comic Hypnotists today. He has been a full time professional performer for over 25 years touring the world from Spain, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, The Caribbean Islands, New Zealand and extensively throughout Australia. Anthony has performed for some of the biggest names in the corporate world, appeared in international casinos, performed for Six Star Cruise Liners, worked with major celebrities and has been a guest artist on national television programs and in countless national magazines.

Coming from a background where at family gatherings Anthony’s father would dress up as Dolly Parton, his uncle as Charlie Chaplin and a grandmother who thought she was Shirley Bassey, it isn’t surprising that Anthony became a comedy hypnotist using the power of people’s own imagination.

Anthony Laffan was first introduced to hypnosis as a young boy when his parents went to a hypnotist and gave up smoking. Inspired by the forefathers of Australian Stage Hypnotism, Peter Reveen ‘The Impossiblist’, Martin St James and the Great Ronricco, Anthony studied everything about stage and clinical hypnosis and quickly learnt the art and science of hypnosis, where now he is part of one of the most mysterious and intriguing professions in the world, becoming one of Australia’s most respected hypnotic entertainers.

With diplomas in Advanced Stage Hypnosis, Complete Mind Therapy, and Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy, Anthony Laffan is a skilled and experienced performer. He is also a member of the Royle Institute of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, The Professional Organisation of Stage Hypnotists and Show Hypnotists Of the World (S.H.O.W.) As well as a professional Certified Stage Hypnotist, Anthony is a clinical hypnotherapist and co-author of the “Hypnosis Health Weight Loss Program”. Together with his wife Kasey-Laura, they founded the Hypnosis Health Clinic where today they have created many self-help hypnosis audio programs.

As a vibrant, contemporary hypnotist, you’ll enjoy Anthony’s performances; he is a master in the art of inducing trance, performing the age old art of hypnosis with the right blend of modern comedy and timing, always entertaining his audiences with his warm personality and his hilarious routines using members from the audience.

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