Assembling your VR headset

Turn any Android phone or iPhone into a virtual reality headset


Unpack the VR headset components and arrange like above

Remove the white adhesive tape from the rear of the acrylic viewing lenses, and apply lenses to the cardboard eye cut outs

Flip entire headset over, and fold three times along the perforated line until the above image is achieved

Fold up the main casing, and insert the tabs into the slots provided

Locate the cover plate, and attach to the main unit using the plastic pins. Ensure the SEXPO logo is facing outwards

Cover plate will then fold along the two fold lines provided up and over the main unit. Place your phone in the cradle created by the cover plate ensuring the lens of the phone, faces the acrylic viewing lens

Secure the cover plate into position by using the Velcro dot on both the inside of the cover plate, and the outside of the main unit

Your VR headset is now ready to use.

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