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What is SEXPO?





At SEXPO you’ll find hundreds of exhibitors, and there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for that fun, different or special gift for a friend or loved one, you sure to find it at SEXPO.

The entertainment is second to none, with international performers, male and female stage acts, comedy hypnotists, fetish demonstrations and audience participation competitions, including the world famous Amateur Strip and the acclaimed Sexy Cosplay competition.

There are multiple bars and lounge areas for patrons to enjoy, such as the All Male Revue and Laporium, as well as educational demonstrations and seminars in the Fetish Playroom and the S.H.A.R.E. Seminar Theatre.
Check out the Carnal Carnival, where we’ve taken every day carnival games and rides and turned them into seriously adult fun. You can test your strength and skill on our amusement games, take a ride on the Shafter or play with the SEXPO mascots, Penisaurus & Tittysaurus!

SEXPO provides all their patrons with the opportunity to mix in a bit of shopping and socialising with world class entertainment – what better way to spend a day out?

We specifically invite people who have never been to SEXPO, thinking it is just a show about sex, to come along and be pleasantly surprised by the fun, friendly and relaxed atmosphere.


SEXPO was conceived in Melbourne, Australia, and is the longest-running adult consumer exhibition in the world. It is also one of the busiest consumer exhibitions in Australia, having drawn crowds several million-strong throughout its 21 year history.

The aim of the first SEXPO was simple; bring adult products out of adult stores and present them to the public (and women in particular) in a comfortable and fun atmosphere. SEXPO was first held at the then named Carlton Crest Hotel in Albert Park, Victoria in October 1996, with an attendance of just over 5,000 people. Since these auspicious beginnings, SEXPO has gone from strength to strength, staging exhibitions in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Gold Coast and Townsville, and diversifying its offerings to include not only adult-related content, but also world-class health & lifestyle products and education.

In 2007, the first international SEXPO was held in Johannesburg, South Africa, and in late 2015, SEXPO had its inaugural London show. Join SEXPO in 2018 to honour this magnificent success story, as it celebrates its 22nd Anniversary!

Sexpo is now international with the inaugural international Sexpo event held in South Africa in 2007. Shows are now hosted in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, with Europe joining the Sexpo map in 2018.

The Grow of Sexpo (by Number of Patrons)


AVG Ticket Price


AVG Ticket Price


AVG Ticket Price


AVG Ticket Price

The Melbourne event continues to attract more than 50,000 patrons, allowing a 20-25% return on investment. Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth continuously show similar results.

SEXPO’s growth continues to impress:

  • SEXPO Brisbane 2011 saw its largest show in nine years with 41,750 visitors
  • SEXPO Perth 2011 also saw its largest show, the previous two shows also sold out of exhibitor space
  • SEXPO Sydney 2012 / 2013 attracted over 43,000 people
  • Johannesburg 2010 show had a patron increase of 15 percent, to 46,000 visitors.

Tapping into the growing mainstream trend of adult lifestyle choices, Sexpo attracts large crowds.

Key to Our Success

The standout feature of Sexpo is simply this: there is no other show like it!

For consumers it offers something no other exhibition offers; a safe and openenvironment to explore the world of adult entertainment and lifestyle, without the stigma attached to some other adult exhibitions. The result of this is mass appeal to the mainstream.

For the patrons, they get a high quality show and a vast range of exhibitors, which serves to enhance the consumer’s perception of ‘value for money’. This perception of value brings patrons back, year after year.

For exhibitors, Sexpo provides an incredible opportunity to showcase their products or services to a market segment that may not normally be exposed to their business. This has resulted in a strong return on time and financial investment for exhibitors.

The Demographic –Who’s coming to Sexpo and What They Think

The latest research from November 2016 indicates:

50% of patrons came to the show out of curiosity

48% male / 52% female

60% attend with a partner or friend

52% cited “exhibitors” as the most satisfying component of their SEXPO visit

48% cited “stage shows” as the second most enjoyed component of their SEXPO visit

70% of all patrons are aged 18-34 years old


International Appeal

In 2006, the first international licencing agreement was signed and the inaugural South African event was held in 2007. It was an instant success, producing income of several million dollars over three years. In 2010, the South African licensee on-sold the licence for more than AU$2 million and it continues to expand under the new licence. Shows are now hosted in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban in South Africa, with shows planned in Europe in 2018.

Exhibitors travel from around the world to launch new products and promote sales to consumers and traders.

Why Sexpo in Europe and the USA

Compared to Australia and South Africa, there is huge potential audience in Europe and the USA. For example, from Melbourne’s second show in a convention centre, there were 54,682 visitors from a total population of 3.2 million and Sydney’s second major event had 38, 825 visitors from a population of 3.5 million. The UK population is nearly three times that of Australia, so the potential for a successful event in any major centre in the UK is enormous.

The Australian approach to how this event is presented is well received overseas and would trade particularly well in locations such as Earls Court.

Over the past 10 years society’s attitudes to adult themes have evolved significantly and there is a strong demand for a credible adult show.

European cities such as Amsterdam have built an entire tourist industry around this concept, so it is clear there is a strong appetite for it.


Now more than ever,the timing of this opportunity is significant.

With economies in Europe and the UK still precarious, people are looking for less grand, ‘feel good’ entertainment options that are affordable to the average person. SEXPO offers this and more.

Sexpo consistently generates a 20-25% net profit

The Opportunity

You now have the opportunity to enter this lucrative market

SEXPO licences are now being offered for locations around the world. This allows you to capitalise on SEXPO’s 22 years of experience and benefit financially with a proven formula.

There are two models for you to consider;

a direct licencing arrangement
a joint venture arrangement.

Direct Licencing Arrangement

This model provides all the necessary blueprints required to start up and run SEXPO. SEXPO Australia provides the framework prior to the event and then on-site management during the event. There is no up-front fee payable for this model, rather a percentage of gross income is agreed upon. This type of agreement illustrates our confidence in the exhibition and mitigates risk for the new licensee.

Joint Venture

The joint venture arrangement allows you to take a less active role while maintaining a local Sexpo office. Percentages would be determined by financial and other inputs.

What We Offer –Expertise & Knowledge

Our 22 years’ experience in running SEXPO has informed the blueprint document that is the template for running the event successfully in any international location. The template is easily adaptable to any market and can be altered to allow for cultural or social idiosyncrasies. This is the core of our licensing agreement, and includes the services of the SEXPO Australian Event Director, who together offer 28 years of experience in running these events.

Over the years SEXPO has experimented with concepts and strategies and only the most successful have been included in the template. As a new licensee it is reasonable to assume that your first business event would be profitable.


Costs & Revenue

The cash input is relatively low (depending on the size of the event). Many costs can be deferred until after the event, so the requirement can be as little as 35-40 per cent of the budgeted total.

Revenue from the sale of stands (booth) space is received in full, prior to the event.  Pre-show revenues (sponsorship and online ticket sales) can account for up to 30 per cent of total revenue before the show opens.

Sales can be generated from joint ventures, amusements, traditional retail sales, merchandise and food and beverages.

The majority of revenue is generated through ticket sales and exhibition sales.


The Template –What’s Included

The SEXPO blueprint document covers all aspects of running the event and includes, but is not limited to operations, marketing, sales, public relations, performers, stage layout and management, audio-visual plans, security, legal matters and IT design and support.

Act now to get a piece of the action.

Tap into a lucrative growing trend and get involved in a proven business with figures that show instant success!


Act now to get a piece of the action.

Tap into a lucrative growing trend
Get involved in a proven business with
figures that show instant success!