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Ash Williams’ day out at Melbourne Sexpo

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Bombshell Interview with Kyle and Jackie O for Melbourne Sexpo 2011

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Melbourne Sexpo Announces Show Line Up

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MELBOURNE, Austrlia — Adult lifestyle show Sexpo has announced the lineup for what it’s calling its biggest Australian event ever running Nov. 24-27 at the Melbourne Conference and Exhibition Centre.

The expo is boasting more than 290 stands, headlined by Wicked Pictures contract stars Jessica Drake, Alektra Blue and Kaylani Lei. Drake will also be hosting the G4TV documentary and all three stars will be signing throughout the four-day lifestyle show.

Show organizers also announced its naming rights sponsorship by ICM Regsitry LLC, the company behind the new .XXX top-level domain that will include the sponsorship of the Melbourne and Sydney Sexpo, Mar. 15-18, 2012.

Sexpo said it will be holding a number of events to promote the launch of the .XXX TLD to the Australian adult industry and patrons.

“It’s great to have the Wicked stars back in Australia. Having Jessica host the G4TV Sexpo Special with Alektra and Kaylani meeting the Australian fans is going to be huge. We see great potential in promoting .XXX top level domains at our Melbourne and Sydney shows, and look forward to a good working relationship with ICM Registry,” said Rob Godwin general manager of Sexpo Australia.

Vaughn Liley, ICM Registry sales director said, “Negotiating to be the Naming Rights Sponsor of both events in Australia underlines our commitment to the expansion of our business and brand on a global basis and reinforces our commitment to the development and support of the adult entertainment industry outside of traditional markets.”

He added, “.XXX is becoming a truly globally recognizable brand and as such we are delighted to be sponsoring such a high quality event, Melbourne SEXPO is one of the biggest shows in Australia and with over 100,000 visitors expected over these two shows it was a very easy decision for ICM to make.”

Steve Orenstein, President of Wicked Pictures said, “It’s been a pleasure working with the Sexpo staff and we are thrilled to have our girls highlighted during this amazing event. With Jessica hosting G4’s coverage of the event this should be their best show yet. ”

Other key acts at Sexpo Melbourne include the Tokyo Shock Boys, Quick Fix Harley Davidson Stunt Team with Seth Enslow, U.K. sexologist Tracey Cox with her new line of toys from Love Honey U.K., sexologist Dr. Nikki Goldstein and Michelle Bombshell McGee with two Penthouse Pets in the three-way stage act, “Bombshell Babes.”

VIP sponsors include Pjur, Topco, Ansell, Australian Sex Party, ACP magazines and Club X.

Drake will be signing at Club X Megastore in Mildura on Nov. 19, appearing at the Spearmint Rhino club, and all of the Wicked stars and key performers will be attending the inaugural Eros Shine Awards on Nov. 23.

For more information on the event email, Rob Godwin at or visit the website.

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Jessica Drake at Club X Mildura

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Jessica Drake was the talk of the town on Saturday November 19th as she did an in store appearance at Club X in Mildura. Check out the photos below!


jessica wicked

jessica lucky fan

jessica mildura team

Adult Industry Economics

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We all know sex sells, so it goes without saying that the adult industry in Australia is big business.

From an economic point of view, the adult industry in Australia generates revenue from sexual services and entertainment in the following areas:

  •     Adult shops and websites which sell products such as toys, dolls, magazines, lingerie
  •     Brothel and escort services
  •     Dancers and strippers
  •     X-rated DVD sales
  •     X-rated Internet downloads
  •     Sexpo, an Australian sexual entertainment exhibition which attracts paying exhibitors from countries such as  Sweden, the USA and Germany.

Although it’s difficult to put exact figures on how the adult industry contributes to imports and exports, The Eros Association, which has represented the adult, only retail industry since 1992, and the five biggest adult industry importers, has some figures which give an idea of how much the industry contributes to the Australian economy.

Robbie Swan, Co-Ordinator of the Eros Association, gives these rough statistics at a glance:

  •     There’s roughly 25 000 people employed in the adult industry in Australia
  •     The industry has an annual turnover of $2.6 billion.
  •     There’s roughly 1000 adult shops (such as Club X) in Australia, including small little annexes out the back of newsagents.
  •     Australia imports a million vibrators a year. The average vibrator costs $20, so that’s a turnaround of $20 million dollars annually on just one product sold through adult shops alone.
  •     X-rated DVD sales are in decline, because of the advance of internet downloads, but Robbie says DVD sales still contribute to around 100 million dollars of revenue per year.
  •     Lingerie sales are on the uptake, indicating a shift in consumer demographics from male to female.

Robbie says that certain laws have negatively impacted on the adult industry in Australia and forced a sort of ‘grey market’ to appear. For instance, by Australian law you cannot host an adult site with x-rated content, so some businesses simply host their sites with offshore ISP addresses, shifting the money offshore too.

The other ‘grey market’ in the adult industry is through DVD sales. Robbie says although x-rated DVD’s are the “benchmark product” of the adult entertainment industry, and it’s legal to import or export them into Australia, they can only legally be sold in retail outlets in the ACT and the Northern Territory.

Of course products are just one element of the adult industry, and there’s also the sex itself.

William Albon, head of The Australian Adult Entertainment Industry (AAEI), which represents legal brothels in Victoria, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory, offers the following facts and figures:

  •     Victoria has around 90 legal brothels and 20 licensed operators of escort agencies, but Mr Albon estimates there are around 400 illegal operators in the state alone.

Brothels and escort agencies have been legal in Victoria since 1996, and the first Australian brothel to be listed on the New York stock exchange was Elsternwick’s The Daily Planet, which, incidentally makes a healthy side trade in keepsakes such as watches, lighters and pens for happy customers.

Hiring someone in the world’s oldest profession doesn’t come cheap: For $290 you get an hour of ‘service’ at The Daily Planet. Most brothels keep between 25-50 per cent of the fee to cover the costs of maintaining the brothel and providing a safe environment for the workers.

The Daily Planet is at the high end of the brothel scale, but if you’re looking for an escort (someone who leaves the building and comes to your hotel, for example) expect to pay anywhere from $300 an hour to $6000 for an entire evening. Male escorts, again, are on the rise, signifying a consumer shift.

And then there’s all the side elements of the adult industry such as insurance, for example. Nick Rossoukas, Director of Adult Industry Business Insurance (AIBI), writes $2 million in premiums a year, mainly for property and public liability insurance for adult shops, licensed brothels, escort agencies and adult clubs. Again, because it’s such as taboo industry, most insurance companies shun the area, which has allowed Nick to carve a niche for 20 years.

Sexpo is another element of the adult entertainment industry in Australia which is raking in big bucks and providing a boon to the economy. Rob Godwin, Sexpo’s Managing Director, says in 2010 the show generated $8 million dollars revenue for The City of Melbourne through flow-on effects such as hotel bookings, eating out and tourist activities.

Incidentally, one Sexpo show, which tours every State of Australia, and some regional centres, each year, costs $1.6 million to produce. That’s $1.6 million dollars flowing in and around the national economy through flights, hotels, employees, advertising and exhibitors.

Love it or sweep it under the carpet, the economy of sex is big business in this country.

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Sexpo By The Numbers

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From The Home Show to The Motor Show, our top annual exhibits bring in millions of dollars of revenue for the capital cities of Australia, providing a boon to local hospitality sectors as hungry and tired attendees spend up big at hotels, restaurants and local bars.

While homes and cars are standard fare, you might be surprised to learn that an adult-entertainment show now shares the top three list with The Royal Melbourne Show and the Home Show in Victoria.

Rob Godwin, General Manager of Sexpo, says the way Sexpo has approached the adult entertainment business from a female-friendly, fun entertainment angle rather than as a porn-fest, is what sets it apart.

Sexpo started quietly in Melbourne in 1995, teamed with its sister company, Club X, but has since grown to tour five capital cities in Australia annually, with regional shows in Townsville. And since each show costs on average $1.6million to produce, that’s a lot of money flowing through the Australian economy.

Five years ago Sexpo started touring South Africa, and now the USA, Russia and Germany are demanding their own Sexpo in 2012, which will contribute millions of dollars as an export product.

Although Melbourne and Sydney have a typical 60 000 through the doors when the show is on, last year’s Perth Sexpo topped the revenue scale even though attendance was lower, and also despite a supposed recession from the mining boom.

“Not a lot of big shows go to Perth, and we only tour Perth every two years, so the demand is there. But mainly I think it’s the higher level of disposable income which meant the average spend per head was around $300 per person. They were purchasing top-end adult toys and lots of them.”

From a purely economic point of view, Sexpo is an Australian business success story. Where the adults-only industry was once something only talked about behind closed-doors, Sexpo has become a rite of passage for 18 year-olds much like schoolies week on the Gold Coast. And where once adults only tours were marketed at men in trench-coats, Rob now proudly proclaims that females make up 49 per cent of attendees.

The show highlights sex education and awareness, keeps the entertainment fun and varied (from Harley Davidson stunt teams to Burlesque classes), hires well-known Australian comedians to EmCee, and despite common misconceptions, X-rated DVD’s aren’t on display, again keeping the audience of predominantly heterosexual couples, happy.

Entering into the Political realm, the Sydney Sexpo in March even held over 50 gay marriage ceremonies.

Sexpo is also often used as a brand launching pad for products in the adults-only realm. Rob recalls one particular launch where Sexpo gave away a $25, 000 gold-plated hand-made Lelo vibrator.

“We had to have it under security guard at the show.”

Rob says the key to Sexpo’s success has been eliminating the image of adult entertainment as a pornfest.

“Sexpo is basically entertainment with relaxed shopping. I believe if you can attract the females, you won’t get many of their partners saying ‘no’. And most of the fun begins after Sexpo, anyway.”

Sexpo by the numbers:

  • The Australian-owned Sexpo brand is the largest adult show in the world, and has been touring Johannesburg South Africa for five years, with 60, 000 attendees last year alone.
  • Exhibitors come from every state of Australia as well as the UK, USA, Sweden, Germany and Asia.
  • 49 per cent of attendees are female
  • The biggest spending market is 25-35 year-olds, with the average spend per head roughly $150
  • Research through the Eros Association indicated in Melbourne alone, where over 60, 000 people attended the 2010 show, Sexpo brought $8 million to the Victorian economy
  • In the capital cities, 30 per cent of Sexpo attendees come from intrastate
  • The average person stays at Sexpo for around 3 hours
  • The most popular show at Sexpo is the Amateur Strip Show
  • Each Sexpo show employs 1500 staff, has over 290 exhibitor ‘stands’
  • Sexpo has around 140 Australian year-round staff
  • Sexpo spends around $150 000 per show on domestic and international flights for staff and international acts, and buys around 400 bed nights in local hotels
  • Sexpo offers free exhibitor space to supported charities such as the MS Society, the Salvation Army, The Mc Grath Foundation, HIV awareness and anti sex-trafficking and awareness campaigns..

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Cheap Sexpo Tickets and VIP Passes

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sexpo-post-thumbGet your Discounted Sexpo tickets when they go on sale in your state.

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Sexpo has proposal for Tiger Woods

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Sexpo Turns The other Cheek to Its Detractors

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Bombshell Unloads on Kat Von D!

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Bombshell McGee to Kat Von D: TOLDJA SO!

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee unloaded on Kat Von D — hours after Kat claimed Jesse James cheated on her with 19 women — telling TMZ, she warned Kat days after her engagement … the relationship would never last.

She’s right too — we shot McGee back in January, days after Jesse proposed to Kat … and Bombshell told us, “I would be surprised if they made it to the altar.”

Watch the clip — you can cut the schadenfreude with a knife.

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