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September 2011

Donny the Pimp

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DONNY PIMP to be SEXPO Ambassador for the Disabled!

Donny Pimp, (48) has been a loyal Sexpo follower for several years and his devotion to Sexpo and his beloved Sexpo Showgirls, especially Trinity Porter, has impressed the Sexpo Management Team so much that we have given Donny the role of Sexpo Ambassador for the Disabled for All Australian and International Sexpos.

Donny has been given the role of communicating with disabled groups nationwide and internationally to encourage them to come along to Sexpo to represent the disabled community, and provide information on sexual issues for the disabled.

Donny is absolutely thrilled to accept the role and is looking forward to the challenge.

(Photo above of Donny with the Sexpo Team, Mark, Tracey, April, Jason and Rob at Brisbane Sexpo 2011)

Tickets available online!

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