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June 2011

Shag Factory A Hit at Perth Sexpo!

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The Shag Factory Love Lounge makes international news, on the AVN website! View the full article here

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LoveHoney’s Shag Factory range made a shagadelic debut at the Perth Sexpo inAustralia and reports both impressive sales and a lot of fun. The manufacturer showcased its line of ’60s free-love inspired vibrating bullets and love rings with a ‘Shag Van,’ photo ops, giveaways and more.

“The Australian patrons at Perth Sexpo loved the new range from Shag Factory,” said Rob Godwin, Sexpo general manager. “We’ve been seeing strong sales in Club X stores nationwide, but weren’t sure what to expect being a new brand at its first expo. We couldn’t be happier with the sales we did and the fun we had with those who stopped by our booth.”

The 2011 Perth Sexpo was the largest ever Sexpo inWestern Australiawith more than 35,000 patrons. Shag Factory enjoyed heavy foot traffic thanks to prominent signage at the show entrance.

Shag Factory staff donned ’60s-inspired uniforms, giving away “I got shagged at Sexpo” stickers in its similarly themed Love Lounge booth complete with original split screen VW camper, lava lamps, shag carpeting and love and peace signs.

“We owe the success of the show in part to the fun, free love environment Sexpo created for the show in the Shag Factory Love Lounge booth,” said Dean Elliott of LoveHoney LLC. “Heaps of people were having fun getting photos with the staff and in the van and all around the booth. We look forward to doing it all over again at the next show!”

The Shag Factory Love Lounge moves to the Brisbane Sexpo July 21-24, 2011.


92.9 at Perth Sexpo

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Sexpert tips to spice up your love life!

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Communication is one of the most important ways couples can spice up their sex lives, according to a “sexpert” and an adult entertainer.

American tattoo model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee said talking was the key for couples who wanted a steamy sex life.

McGee, who is visiting Perth for the first time to promote adult lifestyle show Sexpo, said couples must be able to talk about their needs and desires, a sentiment shared by Perth sex therapist Fai.

Fai and McGee will host sexuality seminars during Sexpo, with topics including “How to keep your partner happy”.

McGee said her second tip for couples was to have fun with apples.

“Eating apples can be really sexy,” the adult entertainer said.

She urged people to practise eating the fruit sensually; which leads to her third tip: role-playing.

“Try new things,” McGee said.

Sexpert Fai, as she is known, said she had helped couples explore their sexuality while restoring their relationships.

Problems had included low libido – for men and women – sexuality following a major illness and the art of tackling communication and expectations.

Her top tip for couples is to never forget the good times.

“Remember what you loved doing when you were first together,” Fai said.

“My second tip is communication – explain what you enjoy and don’t enjoy. Couples need to listen to their partner’s needs and then integrate these into their play.”

Fai said couples needed to feel comfortable in the bedroom and allow their passion to escape.

“Get into a sexual headspace when you are in the bedroom,” she said.

“Be there – in the moment – and focus on each other.”

Couples needed to discuss the issue of sex toys before bringing them home.

“Have a chat about what you feel comfortable to bring into the bedroom,” she said.

“There is a place for toys in a relationship. People attach a meaning to them, but they don’t have one.

“Toys can be soft, sensual and loving and they can bring in an element of light-hearted moments.”

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