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January 2010

Sexpo raises over $27,000 for the McGrath Foundation

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Sexpo is very proud to support the McGrath Foundation.

The foundation strives to continue Jane’s vision to not only ensure every women diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia, and her family, has access to a McGrath Breast Cancer Nurse, but also to increase the level of breast awareness among young women.

Support the McGrath Foundation and help women in need and those that care for them by donating to the McGrath Foundation at any of the donation points around Sexpo.

1 Mcgrath Colour LogoOur recent show in Sydney last month raised over $11,000 alone through collections and completely sold out of the McGrath Official Merchandise.

In total, we have raised over $27,432.15 for 2009, and are confident in smashing our next target of $30,000 for 2010. We thank our patrons for their generosity, and look forward to reaching our new target.

McGrath Foundation website

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