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November 2009

Check out the Sex Party’s new political promo for the coming by elections

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Salvation Army – Safe House Melbourne

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Safe House Melbourne: The Salvation Army is committed to fight the worlds fastest growing crime, human trafficking. This crime is a reality in virtually every country – including right here in Australia! You can contribute to the provision and care of trafficking survivors and people at risk of trafficking right here in the city of Melbourne. Donate directly at the Salvo stand here at Sexpo or go to the website at to contribute to Safe-House Melbourne.

Join the fight and together we can stop human trafficking. For more information on human trafficking check out

With our prayers.



Danielle Strickland (Captain)
Social Justice Director

Herald Sun – Inside Sexpo 2009

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Kevin Rudd to open Melbourne Sexpo 2009?

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Check out the press release from the Australian Sex Party.  If the Prime Minister has a balanced approach to the community and voters, he should open Sexpo and talk to the 70000 patrons!

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G4 Goes Down Under at Australia’s

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Hosted by Adult Entertainment Phenomenon and “Girlfriend Experience” Star Sasha Grey, Two-Hour Special Airs With Limited Commercial Interruption and Offers Unprecedented Access to the World’s Largest Adult Expo

Carnal Carnival, Naked Surfing, Amateur Strip Competitions and SEXPO Showgirls are just a few of the wild activities and outrageous exhibitions that G4 will showcase in a new two-hour special going inside SEXPO AUSTRALIA.  This annual, four-day event covers all aspects of health, adult entertainment, sexuality and adult lifestyles for the curious consumer.  The special is hosted by Sasha Grey, star of the Steven Soderbergh drama “Girlfriend Experience” and one of today’s most talked about adult entertainment stars, who will take viewers from the red carpet grand opening celebration to the convention floor to explore every aspect of this sexually sophisticated and always shocking event.  With unparalleled access to adult stars and comprehensive coverage of all the must-see products and performances, G4’s two-hour “SEXPO AUSTRALIA” special airs Sunday, December 6th at 10:00 pm ET/PT with limited commercial interruption.

With over 60,000 people in attendence, SEXPO AUSTRALIA is larger then the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) in Las Vegas and is widely known for its outrageous party atmosphere. With live stage performances, showgirls, lap dance tutorials, amateur strip tease contests and all the latest gadgets, SEXPO AUSTRALIA is known for being much more than a standard porn convention. SEXPO AUSTRALIA encourages openness with regard to human sexuality and is famous for providing an interactive experience where attendees can participate in activities such as the Pole Dancing and Amateur Strip Competitions.

In addition to offering her insider expertise, Sasha will interview fellow U.S. and Australian adult entertainment stars along with top industry executives. Sasha will also answer questions from fans and offer her own thoughts on all things sexual.  While roaming the convention floor, viewers will check out all the hottest technology and gadgetry being released for the sexual aficionado and tour the assortment of booths to find all kinds of surprises.  In addition, Sasha will meet world-renowned erotic dancer and Miss Nude Australia, Suzie Q, and get her take on this year’s SEXPO AUSTRALIA.

The special also takes viewers on an adventure outside the convention walls to explore Australian culture firsthand with Sasha.  From swimming with sharks at Sydney’s most popular seaside destination Manly Beach, to surfing for the first time ever at world famous Bondi Beach, to learning to cook local delicacies such as Kangaroo, Sasha fearlessly dives head first into the land down under.

G4 viewers can experience all the sights and sounds of the world’s largest adult show on Sunday, December 6th at 10:00 PM ET/PT.

Read the article here! 

Sexing Up politics

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Stonnington Leader
17th November, 2009
Jon Ryan


Free Tickets for all voters in Higgins

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higginsAnyone live in Higgins constituency?  Well Fiona Pattern is a candidate for the federal seat vacated by Peter Costello.  And Sexpo is 100% behind her!  We want Fiona to be the first member for Parliament from the Australian Sex Party.  To all voters in Higgins electorate – come to Sexpo for free and talk to Fiona and the party members at the Australian Sex Party stand.  This isn’t some boring political party – this is the coolest and most relevant party of its generation.  Great manifesto, great vision and a great leader in Fiona Pattern.  Just show your driving license or ID and address at the entrance and you come in for free.
Many thanks
Rob – General Manager – Sexpo Australia

Suzie Q at Sexpo

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austpenthouseWe caught up with our 2008 Penthouse Pet of the Year Runner Up, Suzie Q, at Sexpo…

by Kate Hutchinson

Are you enjoying being the co-presenter of Sexpo? What does this job entail?
I love co-hosting Sexpo alongside Russell Gilbert – he has a joke for everything! We both get to introduce all the different shows and performers as well as run charity auctions and host the “World Famous Amateur Strip” (this is where member of the general public jump onstage and have a go at taking their clothes off. Russell’s commentary makes it pretty damn funny to watch).

How many times per day will you be performing at the upcoming Sexpos?
I normally perform 2-3 shows each day at Sexpo and am up onstage hosting 2-3 times every hour. Basically, I love being onstage and want to be up there as much as possible!

You also have a stand at Sexpo – what are you selling and promoting there?
At Sydney Sexpo we were promoting Suzie Q Pole Studio. We’re based out in Parramatta and are all about teaching everyday women the art of pole dancing As for the interstate Sexpo’s – I’m looking at launching my own brand of lingerie, so pretty soon you’ll be able to dress your partner in “Miss Suzie Q”!

Apart from Sexpo, what else have you been up to in recent months?
I just came home from a tour of Europe. I was guest judge and performer at the French Pole Dancing Championship and also at the UK Amateur Pole Performer. While I was in London I also shot a set forPenthouse (on a pole of course!) which will be out in an upcoming issue.

What’s coming up for you before the end of the year?
We are hosting PoleCandy: Red Hot Christmas Stockings in conjunction with RedHot Pie at Slide on December 8. It’s going to be a fantastic night of cabaret and cocktails with some amazing aerial and pole performances lined up. The theme is “Red: Naughty or Nice” so there’s no excuse not to dress up! Tickets are $35 and are available from or over the phone 9687 6663.

Enter Australian Penthouse here

The Girls of Sexpo

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by Kate Hutchinson


Trinity, Taylor and Jewell took some time out of their busy schedule to give Penthouse a run down on what it’s like to be Sexpo showgirls…Trinity, Taylor and Jewell took some time out of their busy schedule to give Penthouse a run down on what it’s like to be Sexpo showgirls…

So who exactly are the Sexpo Showgirls?
Trinity: It’s me, Taylor and Jewell. We are basically the mascots of Sexpo. I used to work at Sexpo just in one of the stands, and one day the managers of this event came up to me and asked if I’d like to be a Showgirl, and if I know anyone else that would like to be involved. So of course I said yes, and I knew Taylor and Jewell would be keen, so I asked them!

And what do you do?
Jewell: We have a stand here where we sign autographs, and take some topless pictures with our fans – we usually get topless in these! We also have two shows, which we perform throughout the day on the main stage.

Can you tell us a bit about the shows?
Jewell: I dress up as a teacher for one show, and Trinity and Taylor dress up as schoolgirls. The other show is more like a doctor and nurse kind of show. It’s more like a medical sex examination. It’s hard to explain, but it’s hot!

We bet! So what else has been happening recently?
Taylor: Well we’ve been rehearsing our shows a lot, and have also gone on tour around Australia promoting ourselves. We are all really busy with individual photo shoots and interviews as well.

So where can we see you next?
Trinity: We’ll be at Melbourne Sexpo from 26 – 29th of November, and Brisbane Sexpo from 4th – 7thMarch, 2010! Come and say hi!

View article here

‘Penisaurus’ survives as sex sells despite recession

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November 10, 2009

An eight-foot penis wobbles into view, causing a ripple of excitement in the crowded showroom. “It’s Penisaurus!” shouts a customer.

At Sexpo, the replica genitals are as big as the profits, as the adult industry emerges from the worldwide recession streamlined, globalised and hungry for more.

PenisaurusTens of thousands of fans packed Sydney’s Entertainment Quarter for the recent adult show, with Penisaurus and Tittysaurus — an enormous pair of walking breasts — only part of the attraction.

There’s the grotesque Penis Man, another Sexpo mascot studded with dozens of male genitalia, as well as floor displays and even a fairground ride: the dubiously named Gerbil Train. Nude showgirls writhe in simulated ecstasy, big-name porn stars appear on stage and of course there’s Pricasso, the artist who paints with his penis and buttocks.

There’s strip poker, lap-dancing, and a surf simulator where customers can ride a board naked and win their height in beer and porn. Plus there’s a peep show, amusements, a throw-the-dildo competition, and even a hypnotist. Meanwhile, dozens of stalls are doing brisk business selling the latest in vibrators, toys, lingerie and imaginative sex equipment.

Customers browse the We-Vibe, a U-shaped vibrator which has taken the industry by storm, and the popular Sex Sheet, a non-slip bedspread featuring handles and manacles. Adultworld’s John Buckland, who was running seven stalls, was expecting to sell thousands of 20-40 dollar (18-36 US) ‘show bags’, each containing a magazine, DVD, calendar, a “huge” vibrator and lubricant.

“I’ll sell 2,000 Hustler bags, I’ll sell 2,000 Penthouse bags,” he said.

“We’re selling a hell of a lot more adult products in the last 12 months. I’ve been in the business 16 years, there’s been a massive increase.”

It all translates into a healthy business for Sexpo, now in its 13th year and enjoying rapid growth without a downturn in sight, economic or otherwise.

“We’ve had our best year ever and it’s been probably the worst economic year since the early 1990s,” said general manager Rob Godwin.

“We went into this year’s Perth show a bit aware of the financial crisis, but by the Sunday we had 30 stands sold out of stock — literally nothing left on their stands.

“They were flying in stock overnight to sell.”

More than 60,000 customers were expected at the Sydney show, one of four in Australia and three in South Africa which will attract a total of 300,000 people this year.

Sexpo, which bills itself as the world’s leading adult exhibition, is launching in New Zealand next year and is planning its first London show in 2011, as well as a partnership in the United States.

“We’re the biggest adult lifestyle show in the world — we’re a global brand,” Godwin said. “We grew 35 percent last year. I want Sexpo to go out to the world.”

Fiona Patten, Sexpo spokeswoman and convenor of the Australian Sex Party (motto: “Where YOU Come First!”) said it was a sign the adult industry had fared well in the financial crisis. “It’s been coined the lipstick economy. When you can’t afford those big luxuries you buy the little things, and I think the sex industry fits into that,” she said.

“You can’t afford a romantic dinner but you can afford a DVD and a toy and you can have fun in another way.” The industry has also been helped by a steady push into mainstream retail outlets and a surge in interest among younger customers, who made up a large portion of the Sexpo crowd.

“The adult industry is entering into other places. You’re starting to see vibrators sold in (pharmacy and beauty chain) Priceline. You’re starting to see that kind of mainstreaming which I think is really healthy,” Patten said. “We’ve found Sexpo has been generally increasing. Our demographic is changing though — we’re finding our age bracket is going down and ticket sales are going up.”

According to Godwin, it’s also been a time of consolidation with a series of smaller shops and businesses replaced by bigger, more dominant players. “There’s some new companies coming to the marketplace but you’ll find it’s the larger companies that are dominating,” he said.

“What you’ll find in America, England, Europe and Australia, people that own their brand and have a recognised brand will succeed. Our sister company Club X’s sales have grown this past year. “It’s all about owning the brand. The porn stars that are still succeeding in America and Europe are the ones that own their own content and own their trademark, which Sexpo do.”

Adultworld, with seven stalls and locations, is one of the businesses with a significant presence at Sexpo while smaller enterprises are few and far between. “A lot of independent businesses went out of business because they couldn’t afford to keep up,” said Adultworld operations manager Paul Roberts. “The larger ones kept going because they could afford to bring in the stock.”

Independent retailer Veronica Richards was forced to look on enviously from her Sexias stall, selling self-designed lingerie. “With larger companies the market can be quite flooded,” she said. “The product is more accessible so it’s a lot cheaper. But I prefer quality rather than quantity.”

For Sexpo’s largely youthful clientele, it was simply an interesting day out.

“It’s just a fun thing to do. We’re from Hunter Valley (outside Sydney) and there’s not a lot of interesting things to do out there for our age-group,” said apprentice chef Whitney Barrett, 20. “I think people are just exploring their sexuality, they’re more open about it now.”

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